FUJI TEXTILE WEEL 2021 :Shinji Ohmaki《トキノカゲ 》

One of the distinctive features of FUJI TEXTILE WEEK is its approach to the local textile industry, examining it from various angles within the framework of a design exhibition while also uncovering its creativity in the realm of art exhibitions, with an expectation of new possibilities for textile production development. This approach goes beyond considering aspects such as the textile production process, color, shape, design, and utility, as well as the diversity of materials. It also involves reevaluating textiles by using the metaphorical and representational poetic and aesthetic language inherent in art, seeking new opportunities for creativity within them. This year’s theme focuses on the raw material of textiles, which is the thread, along with the theme of Back to Thread. This theme explores how and where the material of the textiles,thread, production, the environmental impact , and the societal implications it carries.

Executive Committee Chair : Fumio Nanjo