Art Exhibition, “Textile and Signs” vol.2 –

In the 2022 art exhibition, ten groups of artists from both domestic and international locations came together to exhibit their works.

– Director’s message –

The exhibition will feature unique works created by the artists using textiles as materials and in collaboration with the fabric makers. Some works will be soft and windswept, while others will be shaped into irregular forms. Through this exhibition, the possibility of flexible, shifting, and fluctuating sculpture is explored, which is the opposite of the concept of sculpture that is supposed to maintain a solid shape semi-permanently. Flexibly survives the times as a form of creativity. Textiles and art interweave to create a new world of beauty.

Art Exhibition Director : Fumio Nanjo


In the 2022 Regional Exhibition – WARP & WEFT vol.2, an exhibition was held to trace the historical developments of the regions that once wove linings and necktie fabrics as they transitioned to producing a wide range of products in response to the changing times.

– Director’s message –

WARP & WEFT is a special exhibition that allows visitors to dynamically experience the history of Kai silk production from the past to the present.
Beginning with an explanation of Kai silk, the origin of the production area, the exhibition will show the transition of fabrics and products that have evolved in response to the changing times and social transformation. The textiles and time periods featured range from the precious fabrics woven in the area from the Meiji period to the early Showa period, in the collection of the Yamanashi Pref. Industrial Technology Center, to the products produced by today’s textile mills.

Director: Katsura Takasuka

Art Tour

This is a glimpse of an art tour led by a curator.


Additionally, a variety of other programs were held.