FUJI TEXTILE WEEK is Japan’s unique Textile Art Festival, blending Textiles and Art, while focusing on preserving traditional industries and revitalizing Fujiyoshida City in Yamanashi Prefecture, a textile production hub for over a thousand of years. Since 2021, it explores new textile possibilities through art and design. This event connects both. domestic and international communities, repurposing old textile-related facilities for exhibitions and preserving industrial heritage. Ultimately, it aims to revive Fujiyoshida, the textile town at the base of Mount Fuji.

Message from Executive office

In the past, during the Edo Period, this region was unsuitable for farming due to factors such as climate and soil conditions. As a result, it became a hub for the textile industry encompassing sericulture, spinning, dyeing, and weaving. However, over time, with various societal changes, much of the yarn transitioned to imports from other regions. This significantly affected local production. In recent years, factors like rising yarn procurement prices have expanded the awareness of producers and consumers towards materials and environmental concerns. We will be implementing a program that focuses on new perspectives on yarn as a material and the fundamental aspects of craftsmanship.


Dates : November 23, 2023 (Thursday, Holidays) – December 17, 2023 (Sunday) ※ Closed on Mondays during the event period
Opening hours : 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Venue : Location : Honcho St., Shimoyoshida, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi
Admission : 1,200 yen (tax included)
Advance Ticket Purchase : Peatix

Sponsored by Fujiyoshida City
Organized by FUJI TEXTILE WEEK Executive Committee
Funded by Embassy of the Netherlands Yamanashi Prefecture
Cosponsored by N&A Inc., FabCafe LLP, FSX Inc., FSX FUJI., Loftwork Inc.
In cooperation with CZECH CENTRE TOKYO, Highland Resort Co.,Ltd, Fujigakuen High School, FUJIKYUKO Co.,Ltd., Fujiyoshida Textile Association, The Fujiyoshida Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fujiyoshida Tourism Association, Fujiyoshida City Federation of Commerce, Fujiyoshida Machidukuri Corporation, HonchoNichomeShotengai, HonchoSanchomeShoeikai, HonchoDaisukiOkamisankai, Yamakano Co., Ltd.

Operating organization

Executive Committee
President : Fumio Nanjo
Vice-President : Masaaki Arai (Fujiyoshida City Federation of Commerce Chairman)
Committee Member : Yoshiro Sanada (Fujiyoshida Tourism Association Managing Director)
Yoshimi Kagami (Fujiyoshida Textile Association Chairman)
Takanobu Watanabe (The Fujiyoshida Chamber of Commerce and Industry Managing Director)
Kiichi Mizukoshi (Fujiyoshida Machidukuri Corporation Director)
Noboru Kobayashi (Director of Fujiyoshida Economics and Environment Department)

Executive Office
Director-General : Tsuyoshi Yagi
Deputy Director General : Yuta Sugihara
PM : Yusuke Tanaka

Art Exhibition
Director : Fumio Nanjo | Curator : Arieh Rosen, Kensho Tambara
PM : Ayako Oki | Coordinator : Jun Kobayashi, Misuzu Kamoshida,Yoko Negami
Venue Construction : Takayoshi Kawabata | Yuji Kayanuma | Soho Inc.

Design Exhition
PM : Satoshi Akamatsu | Director : Katsura Takasuka | Design : Shota Urakawa
Co-Curator : Chikei Hara | Spatial Design : GROUP
Advisor : Yamanashi Industrial Technology Center

Talk Event
Director : Daiki Kanaoka | PM : Yunbom | Technical sound : Loftwork Inc.
Director : Tsuyoshi Yagi | Design : Joshua Catanzariti | Construction : Soho Inc. | TENJIN FACTORY

Meet Weavers Show
Director : Katsura Takasuka | Planning and Production : Ayako Takasuka | Design : Tomoko Mori
Advisor : Kenji Hayashi | Tour Coordinator : Rio Moriguchi

Collaborative Projects
Produce : DOSO Inc. | PM : FabCafe Tokyo LLP. | Creative Director : Arieh Rosen

Tanka Exhibition Kids
Planning Production : Yuhi Yanagawa | DOSO Inc.

Art・Store Relations
Hiroyasu Fujieda

Venue Operation
PM : Yumi Ijiri | Izumi Kobayashi | Hsu Robert | Dai Kashiwagi
Local Staff Leader : Hisae Komiyama

Public Relations
N&A Inc. | Yumi Igarashi | Taiga Beppu | Yuichi Kurita

Media Relations
SUNNY SIDE UP Inc. | N&A Inc. | Advisor : Ayako Nagaya

Public Relations Media Production
Design : DOSO Inc. | Web design : Seeder Inc. | Photography : Shuhei Yoshida

Venue Design and Signage
Advisor : SYA+kamikami